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Lance Licciadi and Randy Nunez are the partners  in the lawfirm of Licciardi and Nunez.  Randy Nunez worked at the firm of Dysart, Sanborn and Tabary until 2003.  In 2003 he joined Lance Licciardi and Perry Nicosia and they formed the firm Nicosia, Licciardi and Nunez.  In February of 2010 former partner Perry Nicosia was elected judge in the 34th Judicial District.  Randy and Lance then formed the Law Offices of Licciardi and Nunez.  Licciardi and Nunez handle various types of legal matter, including: Criminal, DWI's and Hardship Licenses, Personal Injuries, Successions and Real Estate law.
phone: (504) 279-1000
fax: (504) 279-1300
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